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Poetic Corner

Embryo Diary

In my dependence

Ninety days after conception

I kick about


I form slowly



So I can smile




In ante-natal

They discussed me


Iam accidental

Unwanted formation

an intruder….



the inducement began

Doctor whistled about

Mama winced in a smile

As I fell into unconsciousness



Iam no more

In a plastic bag, along the River Road

Or worse a dogs meal


Thanks mama!                            



Gabriel Muli

Still I Rise


Everyone around is going to bed

One night or another

In pain, or loss disappointment

Each of us

It is amazing where everything abide

There is the nobleness of the human spirit

Despite it all,

Black and white

Asians Spanish, Native Americans

Pretty, plain, thin, fat

Vowed to say that

‘We Rise’

You may write me down on history

With your bitter twisted lies

You may tread me in the very dust

But still like dust

I rise

Does my affect you

Why have decide to be gloom

Because I walk as if I have oil wells

Pumping in my living wheel

Just like sun and like moon

With the certainty of tide

Just like hopes springing high


I rise

Would you like to see me broken?

Bowed head,

Lowered eyes

Shoulders forming down like teardrops

Weakened by my soul for cries


 As if a have goldmine digging in

 My own backyard

You can shoot me with your words

You can trap me with your lies

You can kill me with your hatred ness

But just like life

I rise


Does my sexiness offend you

Oh, does it come as a surprise

When I dance

As if I have diamond at the meeting of my Thighs

Out of the heart of history shame

I rise


After my past rooted in pain

I rise

A blank ocean leaping and wide

Then swelling

I bear in the tide

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear

I rise

Into daybreak miraculously clear

I rise

Bringing the gift that my ancestors gave

I am the hope and the dream of the slave

and so…


There I go rising…


By Angelou Maya