Ongoing Activities

Rabuor Community Self Help Group

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Current Activities
I. Orphans and Widows Initiative:
This is the primary objective of this group. It involves working with orphans between zero and eighteen years of age (0-18Yrs).
The group holds monthly meetings on mentorship.
The mentorship is conducted by a social role model(both locally and internationally).
The main areas of interest includes:
1. Health and HIV/AIDs
2. Community Development
3. Scaling New Heights in Academics
4. Developing Young Leaders
5. Women Empowerment
6. Information Technology and Computer Literacy
II. Establishment of Community Based Libraries
This involves advocacy and establishment of community based resource centers where the community use for learning and training. Currently, Hera Women Group runs a library in rural village, this facilty receive a daily turn-up of between 50 and 100 readers. This is likely to improve with more donations of neccesary materials (Books and Library equipment).
There is also a rural computer literacy initiative that trains the youths on information technology.
III. Agroforestry and Organic Farming
The group members practise this kind of agriculture to improve agricultural outputs and enhance sustainable agriculture which is the key economic activity on which the orphans and widows depend for their survival. The group trains members on this farming method by organising workshops as well as offering free seeds to members.
IV. Monthly Health Checkup
The group offer free medical services to the children and the elderly and even offer home based care to those living with HIV/AIDs.