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Rabuor Community Self Help Group

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Rabuor Village is a community of about 4,000 people in Nyanza Province, Kenya. It is located 25 km from the City of Kisumu. Kisumu is the principal lake port of Kenya and commercial hub of the region.
HIV/AIDS prevalence in the region is estimated at 28-35%. There is a disproportionate number of AIDS-related deaths among men, leaving many widows and grandparents to support the family. Athough the exact number of orphans is not available, it is believed that it is high. Over 55% of households in Nyanza live below the poverty line. 
Our core values
We believe that for our programs to be effective and sustainable, they must involve the full and active participation of the community at every level of planning, implementation and evaluation. We currently support 200 orphans and 40 widows in their own homes. To this end, we work with a number of organizations (including Africa Women of Distinction, Africa Youth Initiatives, Lions Club, and Agape Counseling Centre, among others)
Our mission is to empower the people of Rabuor to develop sustainable community-based solutions to overcome the challenges of poverty and HIV/AIDS. We are a non-profit organization that supports local activities in Rabuor through close partnerships with the Rabuor-based women groups and other local and regional change agents.   
Our current programs include: provision of clean drinking water; subsistence farming; educational support, as well as community health and mentoring programs for the children.
For more information, please contact Tony Odek. Thank you in anticipation. 
Tony Odek, PO Box 2987 Kisumu, Kenya Email:     


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